Wednesday, April 7, 2010

why did the salamander cross the road?

I think I probably mentioned somewhere, sometime, that I'd be posting a lot of photos from San Antonio. Hmm. That didn't happen. BUT IT WILL.
Maybe. Eventually.

This is a photo that I took today while setting up for today's 365. He happened to be a few feet away on the AC thing, and I happened to have my telephoto lens on and functional. Lizards are so cool.

Which reminds me - this morning, Jeremiah and I went on the bike trail earlier in the morning (Beth and I usually go late afternoon). There were tons of little rolly-pollies (aka pill bugs, doodlebugs) on the ground in some places, and at one point, a salamander crossed the road in front of us (safely). It's a pretty neat trail. Except for the ever-encroaching poison ivy. I hope that gets trimmed fairly soon or I'll have to forgo the mountain trailing til it does. I'm hopelessly allergic to that stuff, and I really don't want to have to take steroids to make it go away (like has happened the past two years). :/

What does Tiph do when not blogging or taking pictures or chasing siblings or drinking tea?

Well, a whole lot of things, but last night I went down for peaches 'n cream ice cream and drew for a while. Yay. :)

A question for you guys:
What do you think about me putting ads on the site? I'd try to keep obnoxious ads off (like those huge flash ones - definitely a no), but maybe inline ads, or text ads... Would it be bothersome to most of you or do you really just not care?


James said...

Lizard photo is cool :D.

Ads - don't care but whether ads or amazon affiliate link, you won't make enough off it to be worth your while until you've got about 1000 subscribers or so.

Moose said...

So long as they don't get in the way of the flow of your blog.

Leah said...

If you must. :) what kind of ads?

Anonymous said...

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