Monday, May 3, 2010

i must tell stories

Sometimes, I have an overwhelming urge to capture stories, to collect them in my mind or write them in one of my journals. I feel far away most of the day, or until I purposefully bring myself to the present, staring off into space with people and places whose stories wind themselves around a branch of humanity. It always makes me wonder - what is the purpose of storytelling beyond sharing for its own sake? What makes us as humans want - no, need - to know tales of people they never knew, or might not ever know, or people who have never existed. Our desire for interconnection and placement spur us to ask people about their day, to be fascinated by someone's life story, to spend money and time on movies and books portraying various antics, but ultimately, humanity.

Isn't it strange?
I think so. But nonetheless, I must tell stories.


Anonymous said...

Did you actually want an answer? :-p

Anonymous said...

I'll just answer anyway.

I think that part of it in some cultures is that is how they tell their history and mythology. (or at least did do it)

For some people its an escape from our "boring, dreary" lives. (matrix hehe) Some have no distraction other than stories, and it allows them, for at least a moment, to escape their own reality. I know I enjoy reading, playing video games, watching movies, or something similar, so that I can engage in a new story. Its not that I'm not content with where God has me in life, though being a dragon would be cool :-p, but I enjoy stories, and it allows me to go places I never will be able to go myself in real life. Unfortunately some people are not content with where God has them, and so they seek out another reality from their own, but not just for enjoyment.

I think its probably also something that God has embedded into us, as part of our essential make up. Perhaps to get us to have more of a desire to share the Gospel, or just to seek out other people in general.

Hopefully all that makes sense, it does to me at least. Oh, and I really like 124.

Chaya said...

We were made to tell stories. It's part of our life, our being. Stories shape our souls, influence our actions, and make our heros.

Our lives are a story. Sometimes interesting, boring, or devastating, but still a story. And life stories are what make believe ones are created from.

It's not strange.

Everyone must tell stories to survive.

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