Friday, May 14, 2010

no title. no title at all.

A whole week of non-blogging. I haven't really even been doing too terribly much this week. Preparation for a trip, a good friend's wedding, and a fun day with friends.

I'm sitting in an airport right now. I don't really have much to do at all because I was early (duh), and my computer is just sitting here anyway. Looks like we'll be boarding soon though.

Two random photos of awesome things that I want:

I love poppies and I love birds, so if I had $50 lying around, this soap and vase would be on the list for future purchase.

Now that summer is basically here (and has been here for a good month now... oh Texas, why must you chase Spring away so quickly?), all the bugs are coming out. Night spiders that are translucent and fat, June bugs that swarm the lights and fall sprawling on their backs all over the porches - but those are bearable. They never hurt anyone. The worst? Roaches.
Yes, they hurt people. There are also zombie varieties (why do they crawl away after you smoosh them??). Last night, we had our first crawling-on-something-we-took-from-the-closet episode. It generally includes screaming. My mom pulled a bag out of our storage closet and a lovely cockroach was perched atop it. Since our family tries to be as environmentally friendly as possible, she ran for the Natural Bug Spray.

It kills bugs. Naturally.
What happens to the roach, does it die of old age or something?
No matter, it's dead. (The only good roach is... not even a dead one. One that never existed?)

I'm seeing people packing up their laptops and standing up, so I better follow suit.


Anonymous said...

Have you always liked birds and poppys? Or is this a more recent occurrence?

Gotta love roaches...

tiph said...

Birds, yes. Poppies, I think that's a recent occurrence.

No, I don't.

Anonymous said...

Ah ok, and I was being sarcastic about the roaches...

You gonna ever get back around to tumblr?

Sharon said...

Natural roach spray? What is this? I want to know. I am slowly acclimating to Texas, but I have not yet learned not to have a heart attack when I see one of those monsters.

tiph said...

Sharon, there are certain things you just never acclimate to. Roaches being one of them...
And the natural roach spray I think is actually by Raid and is on the same aisle as the normal stuff, just off to the side. I do like that more health conscious and natural things are becoming popular - it makes it so much easier to acquire! :D

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