Tuesday, June 15, 2010

horses grow on trees. i saw them.

"Horses grow on trees, Tiph."
"Horses grow on trees!"
"No, they don't!"
"Josiah, horses do not grow on trees."
"Um... do you mean they go under the trees?"

My eyes are itching. All the time. I just want to take out my eyeball and wash it so it'll stop itching.

I found a disposable camera in a box under my nightstand, unopened and ready for use. I'm hoping for sunshine tomorrow so I can maybe get a few pretty shots. I haven't been photographing anything lately. I have been working on a couple of sewing projects, though. And by "working on," I really mean "taking out the fabric, laying it across the table, measuring, marking, getting a snack, playing piano, staring at my fabric trying to figure out what exactly to do, try to decide if there's an easier way to do things, playing Sudoku, and then folding the fabric back up because it's time for dinner." At this rate, 2012 will have blasted my fabric to apocalyptic smithereens before I even touch the fabric with my scissors. What's that rule? Measure twice; cut once? That needs to be modified, Tiph-style: Measure five bajillion times, don't cut at all.

Yeah. Those projects are going to be no problem at all.


Anonymous said...

And may I ask why are you planning on using a disposable when you have a lovely DSLR?

James said...

Perfect Logician, Josiah. On doesn't literally mean 'on top of', it means 'on a diet of', eh? ;)

tiph said...

Anon - Because I can?

James - XD I guess so.

Anon said...

Ok lol, just checking.

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