Thursday, June 3, 2010

i belong in a forest

This past week, in Oklahoma, I was reminded what my favorite sorts of places are. This won't sound so strange (why would I need to be reminded of something that's my favorite?) when you look around you and realize that, while you might be quite content with your current surroundings - so much so, that you actually love it - there are certain things that you have long established as "the best" and simply aren't living that at the moment.

I feel like I'm being even more confusing.
Let me clarify by finishing my story.

While in Oklahoma, I was reminded what my favorite sorts of places were. Each year we stay at my grandparent's house, I automatically get the sunroom, which is an addition to the house that is made of three walls of glass against the side of the house. There is no bed, just a couch, and at night if I leave the lights on too long, bugs come in and fly around. In the morning, if I don't wake up early enough, the room gets too hot to sleep (because I like heavy blankets).

Yet, I can see the fireflies while I lay on the couch. I can see the moon from where I lay on the pillow, and in the morning the sun comes up and streams light into the glass room. It's beautiful. During the day, when I want to get away from the many people in the house, I go to the sunroom where I usually can stay alone because it's too warm for most people's comfort (I like warm!).

The second place I found took a trek through tall grass and biting insects to get to: an old abandoned stable adjacent to a creek surrounded by trees. A lot of the area where we stay is ranch land - a tree here or there at the most. But here I had a whole clump of forest unexpectedly close by. There's nothing like a forest for serenity and peace. I'm happiest when I'm around trees, with the light filtering through their leaves and roots and branches everywhere. (Interesting fact: my sister feels the same way I do - only about open fields.)

I'm blessed to live in a house with lots of windows and a very shady (and therefore tree-y) yard. I love my room with the windows facing north so I get good sunlight morning and night. But I do miss the glass room and that mini-forest (mini-forest especially).

What are your favorite places?m


Anonymous said...

I like mountains covered in aspen trees, and mountains in general, forests made up of any tree except all pines, I like the beach, especially when its a bit chilly, I like open fields, though my favorite place of all is where those I love are.

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