Saturday, June 5, 2010

i'll take summer for $400 please.

It's summer! Summer is pretty cool.
Actually that's a lie. Summer is pretty hot. It can also be awesome (sometimes). Summer brings us this kind of photographic goodness!

And no, I didn't take any of these photos, for proper credits go to the Pinterest page.

But anyway, as I was saying - summer is sometimes pretty awesome, but not always. Really hot days? Those are just wet blankets. Hot, wet, suffocating blankets. Hurricane season? Exciting in much the same way as seeing sharks circling your boat. All that stuff is really trivial, though, compared to the worst thing of summer.

(Imagine that's said in a deep, echo-y scary voice. Let's try again.)
Roaches. (Roaches.)

I was sitting on the floor, minding my own business (writing), when this ginormous roach lunges itself at me. Seriously, it was going for my throat. I bit back a scream (and by "scream," I mean "tongue") and hopped up relatively quickly for someone of my size, which is to say, very quickly. So I had a few options. I could wake up one of my brothers and ask him to kill the roach - which I quickly ruled out only because all of my brothers fail in the killing-bugs-department for some reason. Can I get an exchange for a bug-killing brother? (just kidding)
I could pretend that the roach wasn't actually there and imagine the problem away (denial works!). Or I could just... kill the roach myself. Blah.

I don't want the roach crawling on my face while I sleep, so I grabbed a bottle of "Natural Roach Killer - Allowing Roaches To Reach A Ripe Old Age Faster Than Normal" and sprayed.

Everywhere. Because it just would. not. die. Actually, it went berserk and ran across my room (me chasing it with a spray bottle). It takes a little while for these young roaches to die naturally. I'm really glad I have this natural stuff instead of the harsher chemically kind, because I sprayed all kinds of things that otherwise could not be sprayed. Like my old laptop. And magazines. And my sock. And this stuff doesn't smell, either. And I'm not afraid to be in the same room with it. Yay for eco-friendly! Yay for killing roaches! Yay for summer!

Time to start taking sunny, sun-flare-y, summery photos. Sans roaches.


Anonymous said...

Summer IS hot!
It's a good thing that you sprayed your socks,
roaches could have been hiding in them. o_O
Ha. I want a bug squashing brother too.
But maybe I'll just look for that natural bug stuff that ages bugs in an unnatural way. Hey it's eco-friendly, right? - here's hoping that it works on zombie ants....

tiph said...

I would like to tell the three people who clicked "Lol" on the reactions that getting attacked by a roach IS NOT FUNNY.
Just fyi.


Firefly - I hope you're having better luck than I do with your bugscapades. :D

Anonymous said...

no luck at all :(

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