Tuesday, June 22, 2010

longest post ever. alternate title: this blog is bipolar.

Mosquitoes are brutal. I had never known that before. Before today, mosquitoes always regarded me with absolute disgust, and I could (and did) go whole summers completely free of the scourge that is mosquitoes. Maybe there's a drought or something, because today - oh, today they paid me heed. (Is that sentence structurally sound? Can one pay heed? They heeded me? Needed me? Feeded on me??)

I had a simple plan: spray paint two lids to two jars that had boring and/or gross lids that needed a revamp before their introduction to Tiph's Room. One blue, one red. Simple. Spray the lid, let it dry. A good thing to note: I have never used spray paint before.

Surprisingly, it actually was straight-forward. I put a thingy of paper on the ground outside and pssht. pssht. psssssshhttt. Blue lid! Except... around the edges? Okay, that can be rectified. In hindsight, I should have known better. I picked up the lid, and - holding it up in the air - pssshht. pshtpshtpsht. Hooray! Blue fingers! Like I mentioned earlier - hindsight is 20/20, and all - I should have known better, but at this point I'm feeling good about Blue Lids and (oops, dropped it. Ew, now the lid is smudged. Sad face.) picked up the red lid and did the exact same thing with the red one. What does blue and red make? Purple? Noooo. It makes really sticky fingers. Spray paint doesn't really come off with soap and water, apparently, especially when it's dry. Hmm.

(At this point I went downstairs to figure out what to do about sticky red-and-blue fingers. Answer: paint thinner.)

You know what's ridiculous? That every. single. time. I try to say something is a fact on my blog, I go on (usually the very next day) to make myself a total liar. Case in point: yesterday I said that I had lost interest in the internet and photography. Today I spent a generous amount of time browsing Flickr, Youtube, and blogs (but not Facebook). I took pictures of everything I did today. It was ridiculous. I took a picture of oil in a pan because I thought it looked like a Power symbol.

Ha ha.

On that note, an example of what to not wear in the kitchen:

That is my sleeve. Does the picture speak for itself?

I randomly have tons of energy. All day long. And even though it's not remotely related, look at my sister's awesome paper plane. No, really. LOOK AT IT.

I will be mad if I find out that you closed your eyes.

Obligatory carrot cake pictures:

(I don't know why they're obligatory. They just are.)


Final thing (really): I reorganized Flickr with new sets and such. Not that it's necessarily important, but I thought it was cool.

P.S. Colander story to come tomorrow.


Like Peter Design said...

What a fun, cute blog! Love it! I would love for you to follow mine, lots of Give-Aways for really cute stuff!



Anonymous said...

You have gone WHOLE summers without mosquitoes???
And rest assured it does look like a power symbol, an E power symbol.
That airplane is the coolest airplane i have ever seen. Flame on, Tiph's sister, flame on.

tiph said...

Like Peter Design - Thanks for stopping by, I'll check out your blog. :)

Firefly - Yeah, while all around me people were slapping mosquitoes, I had a force field around me. I must have lost my magic art. :(

Anonymous said...

Oh, I never had a magic art....:(

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