Thursday, June 10, 2010

this is the extent of my vegetarianism

It was only after I uploaded the photos to Picasa Web and then to the blog that I realized I forgot to color-edit them. At least, the one above in particular, because the paper is supposed to be off-white and the city is not as brown. Imagine everything slightly desaturated, because I'm too lazy to edit and reupload.

Let's talk about food!
Food is not one of my favorite things. There are very few foods that I reaaallllyy love, and for the most part, food is just kinda one of those annoyingly necessary things. You know, so one can continue living? Yeah. Today was an especially "blah" day, and when I looked in our pantry (that is by no means empty) at lunch time, I said, "There's nothing to eaaatttttt." I repeated the process with the fridge.

While I wasn't being particularly truthful about the lack of food, there certainly wasn't anything appetizing in the house. So I made a shake. I decided it would be my opportunity to get some veggies in, so in addition to strawberries, bananas, milk, and yogurt, I threw in baby spinach. I can't even taste it when it's in with the other stuff.

Proud of myself, I poured a nice tall glass and decided that I needed some sort of bread with it. And happily, I remembered that we still had some Mexican pan (which means bread, for you gringos) left. I took a big conchita (which means "little shell." It is so called for its round shape and frosting patterns that make it look like a shell). I was about to sit down to eat, but it felt like something was missing...

Oh yeah.

Whipped cream. Duh. Have to balance that healthiness out somehow.

After dinner, I made sugar cookies. But, I did have a salad first. Be proud.


Jessica McDonald said...

Oh yummy. that shake sounds delish - the cookies too. *mouth waters* I think i'm going to have to try putting spinach in my shake sometime- i'd never thought of that before...

tiph said...

It was awesome. :D Yeah, you can't taste the spinach at all, and it's a good chance to get some greens. :D

poetic_capture said...

Your writing is so cute. :0) Love the pictures. The shake looked good!

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