Tuesday, June 22, 2010

what's up? oh yeah, the sun.

Ah, summer. Picnics, lemonade, beaches, rest and relaxation.
All in 100 F weather. Yay.

I find it endlessly amusing that while the rest of the world (read: Up North) hides in their houses with blankets and hot cocoa during the winter, in Texas, it's the best time to do anything outside. (Except when it gets close to freezing. It's not often, but we're babies about it.) And then by April, we're starting to shut down our stuff, set our sprinklers to auto and prepare for several months of Staying Inside. Meanwhile, everyone else has real summer. Is this fair? I think not.

Anyway, this means that I have more time for those things that generally happen during winter - reading, baking things (I made two carrots cakes in the past four days), and drinking coffee. (For whatever reason, I'm on a coffee kick. Another oddity.) I've been doing photography less, but I'm finally getting around to going through and editing photos I'd taken months ago. Every once in a while I'll venture out into the blazing heat to trail bike (with a new mountain bike my uncle gave me, hooray!). Did I mention reading? Also, I think that "natural" barrier of non-chemical chemicals is working - the only thing that has dared enter my room are June bugs, and they're just stupid. Not scary.

The only thing that's really been lacking is art. I feel uncreative in that area - or maybe notsomuch uncreative as feeling unable to translate what I have in my head to paper. And my graphics tablet is grossly underused. Goal this week: a digital art piece and a Real Life art piece. Hold me to it.

I'm going to go dunk my head in a bucket of ice water now.


Anon said...

Btw you can always drink decaf if ya want coffee but not more caffeine...

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