Friday, July 2, 2010

please wipe your feet at the door. you also might need a change of clothes.

Sometimes I feel like I live in Australia.
Mind you, I don't mean there are a lot of scorpions and poisonous snakes running around, or that everyone near me says "mate" and "g'day" and other cliche Australian things. Sadly, I don't raise sheep or fly biplanes or surf like Australians. Actually, I'm referring to the weather.

Let's get this straight, because it's slightly complicated (not really). In Australia, because everything is upside-down and backwards (people walk on their heads, for example), their "cold months" are roughly during America's "warm months." It is currently 2:18 pm in Sydney, Australia, and it has reached a grand 57 F. So no, I don't mean that here in Texas, we're having our cold months. We are not.

While the rest of the world (read: the US) is going to the beach, swimming in pools, wearing small articles of clothing, and doing the Summer Thing, Australia is cold. They're wearing scarves. It's still okay to wear boots. Wearing jeans will not give you a heat rash.

And this is where it ties in: In my lovely city, the best and often-times the only way to do anything outdoors is to do it during the winter. We get one or two very cold days out of the year; being so close to the Gulf and the Equator, we have mild winters. In November, before it drops to (gasp!) 55 F, we go to the beach, because now we can actually stand on the sand without forming blisters on our feet. We go to the zoo. We do Outside Things.

In the summer, it's so hot, we stay inside, reading books and making quilts and playing board games and generally doing those kinds of things that people who don't live in southern Texas and Australia do during the winter months. Does that make any sense?

Today, I was reminded of another reason why we always stay inside during the winter.

I always wondered how the Weather People measured rain in inches. What do they do, find a puddle and stick a ruler in it? Catch a raindrop and see how long it is? Make it stand against a wall so the meteorologist can mark down its height with a pencil?

I don't know how many inches it rained, but the yard held about a foot or more of water.

See my poor truck? I had to move it to higher ground.

Of course, we put on our wellies (what I call them), rainboots (what Beth calls them), and muddy boots (what everyone else calls them), and stomped in puddles. Thankfully, having a large family means that nothing is ever as normal as it should be.

Yes, that is Melody rowing a wading pool in our front yard. What of it?

Jeremiah sported these giant poots:

Poots. Pant-boots. Duh.

The brave elven princess crossed the river to save her kingdom.

After we finished rowing, wading through the small lake that overtook our yard, watching bugs walk on water and/or swim, and other dangerous things, we went inside to do Rainy Day Things. I brought out my 1000 piece puzzle I had completed and demolished two years ago, we played Gin Rummy and Cranium Whoonu, I made bread, and we had pizza for dinner. And I'm reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It's really amusing to imagine Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes, and I think I will keep it up throughout the book. :D

Here's to a less-rainy day tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I call them wellies too!!!
My family thinks that's weird...
I hope that i didn't upset you about asking for a post on music, I just value the thoughts that you share.....
East coaster,

Jessica McDonald said...

HAHA! The joys of Texas! :D

My favorite is of Melody rowing the pool across your yard. :)

Evelyn said...

OH hahahahaha I had to have a good laugh at Melody using a pool as a boat! Very cute! :)

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