Thursday, July 1, 2010

this is not as short as it seems. especially if it doesn't seem short.

This is one of those let'sseehowmanythingsIcansayinaslittletimeaspossible.

If you're still reading, it might interest you to know that I actually forgot the colander story. (If this sounds like nonsense to you: it is. I, in a comment somewhere around here, proclaimed that I don't believe in colanders.) I'm sure what happened is that someone (possibly and probably my mother) asked to find a colander, and because it was less than convenient at the time I decided it offended my deep religious beliefs Against Colanders. Or, you know, something similar.

So why the blogging silence and now the purportedly quick post?

This is me reorganizing my room. Again. That picture shows the only clean part of it right now.

Also, I am a horrid failure at Living Things.

That used to be a cactus. The weird green thing to the right was a dust-octopus I found under the bed. Normal people have dust-bunnies. I have dust-octopi. Oh yeah.

Sad face.

I would say that it's easier for me to take picture than write, but that's a total lie. I take pictures and decide to have a photo-only post but then I feel compelled to explain everything. This paragraph you just read... see what I mean?!

I also painted my toes red.

Made a card house:

Structure's a little... eh.

Made faces with our lunch.

Made faces with our faces (upside-down).

My recent "big" project. It is so, so beautiful. (It's a quilt.)

His name is Petey, though I randomly, accidentally, inexplicably call him Charlie every once in a while.


P.S. Summer listening: the Beatles, and the Mamas and the Papas. Not even lying. (My musical taste has changed so drastically from a year or so ago, it's insane.) Oh, and some Sherlock Holmes soundtrack.

ThethingthatcomesafterP.S. No art last week! Except for a greeting card I gave away! Gasp!


Anonymous said...

So are you saying you are now only listening to the Beatles and the Mamas and Papas? Or you have just added them into your rotation?

Anonymous said...

I read the WHOLE post.
And enjoyed it.
I love your quilt - its like a flowing ocean of cerulean/chartreuse patchwork color.
Your music change has changed so drastically its insane!?! Possible post on music?!?

Jessica McDonald said...

ahhhhh I love you. like always your blog posts make me SMILE. really big and uh...happily. :) is adorable. I want a dog and you're making me jealous! hehe


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