Monday, August 16, 2010

gibberish, maps, and the french.

A couple of people took the bait from last post and commented.

One such comment, from a certain James, says,

"ror sen pude sonehat raridatoso wipec meyuni vat mam vetel tira webe datag soneke widoh sesecat tetuceter detirewad dal fedirefo dalel soder hel cadifas mar tuwerom raveye seseto wesen tew sanurum noda yetadeyofe kerafer rihe sarew hirawahete secono mibu"

Well, James, I tend to agree with the general sentiment, but I certainly can't commend you on your grammar or punctuation.

Someone Else says,

"Ah, that was refreshing."

But was it a frozen-lemonade refreshing, or a I-just-remembered-something refreshing? All these questions!

After spending much of the day with an awesome friend, I am now memorizing the bus routes that go throughout my university. By "memorizing" I mean "becoming frustrated at the lack of map-making skill of these bus route map-makers." I figure that if I want to go somewhere on campus, I can 1) walk, or 2) find a shuttle station and wait for a bus to come. The buses all go in circles anyway. When I was a kid, maps were drawn to scale. Hmph.

Tomorrow is a Wake Up Early For Fun day, so that means tonight is a Go To Sleep Before Midnight day. Ridiculous? I know! But it's true. With my parking permit purchased and all business concluded, I bid thee adieu.

Unless you don't like the French, and then just bye, okay.


Anonymous said...

definitely frozen lemonade refreshing.
oh yeah, it was me,

Dacc said...

This is not nonsense so I had to post it here instead of the last one..I miss youuuu!

Anonymous said...


I'm responding to your previous post. I've noticed that you definitely enjoy life. I would like to know why.


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