Tuesday, August 31, 2010

so that's where you've been

It's been a while. It feels like it's been even longer because this past week has been completely insane. Why, might you ask? Because this week was the first week of classes, very important classes like Calculus and chemistry and Physics. (Please take note that while Calculus and Physics are capitalized, chemistry is not. This is because chemistry isn't important, and the other too are. As a matter of fact, chemistry is stupid and not fun at all. Just sayin'.)

Right now I'm sitting outside the main part of the campus, looking around while typing these very words. I have a huge list of things that need to be done within the next two days, along with a very, very ugly picture. The list is boring and you can't see the picture.

My schedule is busy and interesting and this silly bee won't leave me alone.

I feel like I'm moving into that part of life that is really hard to blog about. I mean, I can talk about natural logarithms and how I always mix up tangents and secants, or I could talk about the strange sights I see while sitting on a sidewalk bench, or I could even tell you about how the university's wireless network is unreliable and I wore rainboots today. But I can only tell all of that once, and then it's back to the small things that I find super interesting but are hard to relate. You know.

So if my blogging because scarcely more than nonexistent, please remember that I am taking 18 hours of coursework this semester and the number of Calculus assignments is beyond ridiculous.

My poor, poor camera. She feels so abandoned.
Even my journal has been left blank as of late. No time, and no news. Nothing I can quantify. There will be more, though. Well, maybe not more time, but I'm assuming that life will bring new things. For now, physics calls!


Leah said...

Chemistry is NOT stupid, or unimportant or unfun, fyi.
Know what you mean about school taking over. I have about 10 loooong emails I need to respond to and haven't because it's slightly overwhelming socially....

James said...

Chemistry is good, I was good at it too so I like to think of it as VERY important ;)

I like the way doing calculus makes you think and moulds your brain processes, but actually doing calculus, meh :D

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