Saturday, August 14, 2010

what's the opposite of an infomercial?

Dear Sharpies,

Would you like an explanation as to why I have not posted in exactly 14 days?
Would you like proof that I have done something productive with my life recently?
Are you dying of Photo Starvation?
Is your brain withering from lack of Tiph Sarcasm?
Are we finished asking questions yet?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, have I got a product for you! Act now to receive a free (FREE!) blog post from tiph of Sharpie Chronicles! Simply write intelligible nonsense in the comment box below, hit submit, and you will get your very own Sharpie Chronicles blogpost*!

But hurry, this offer will only last for the next ten days!
As an added bonus, tiph will even post a sketchbook page (just pay shipping & handling!)

* Blog posts not available in all states. Void where prohibited. Limit one blog post per day. No comment necessary to be receive a blog post. Commenting does not increase your chances of receiving a blog post. Retail value of blog post: $0.00. Chances of receiving blog post: one in five kabillion.


Anonymous said...

Ah, that was refreshing.

James said...

ror sen pude sonehat raridatoso wipec meyuni vat mam vetel tira webe datag soneke widoh sesecat tetuceter detirewad dal fedirefo dalel soder hel cadifas mar tuwerom raveye seseto wesen tew sanurum noda yetadeyofe kerafer rihe sarew hirawahete secono mibu
bo sine sotocifet huyare desa sim cafihohit ronote sahay sitegu lanud norome lito yoneh vocil rihime hof sane legorodob wuheyo ninode ropifo nehofe hileto dehop ferera miriy hunode cohokeni cidayen lorol

The above, I believe it should be perfectly possible to read out loud thanks to a program I wrote with a basic (yet genius) algorithm ;).

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