Wednesday, November 24, 2010

night kite

A lot of my days have looked like this lately. I spent large amounts of hours on chemistry exam studying, which is just ridiculous. I came out of it with a nice B, so go me?

My first day of Thanksgiving break was today, and I celebrated by sleeping in til 9, not doing anything most of the day, and not even thinking about homework (except for a little bit). I also went to the park with the kids (to fly kites, but we got there about ten minutes before sundown... what's with the 5:20 lights-out these days?) Besides that? Not much. I actually planned to use my camera today, but alas, my phone was more handy. And that app, well... I'm a sucker for the polaroid feature. You know this already, I'm sure.

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? So far, two of my desserts are completed for Turkey Day... I'm sure I'll be running around like a freak tomorrow, hands (and possibly face) covered in flour. At least I have pie. I hope you guys all have pie, too.


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