Thursday, November 18, 2010

queen of clumsy

It's my lunch-and-homework time. I finished lunch a while ago, but the homework part is far from complete.

But, I admit it. I wanted a tiny break (just a teeny tiny one) and opened the StumbleUpon toolbar (since I'm on Chrome, it's more like an add-on), and clicked. Apparently, even SU thinks I shouldn't be messing around, because this website came up.

Good job, Internet.

Math and lots of math. The most frustrating part of midterms is the fact that in addition to studying for those tests, I have all of my other responsibilities as well. There is no homework break for the test. I still have 60 calculus problems due on the day of my chem exam. I happen to have two midterms on Thanksgiving week.

Also, I am the queen of clumsy. Not only did I manage to smash my thumb yesterday (ow, still hurts, don't wanna bend it, etc), I also found the the time to fall over in class. With my desk. Onto someone else. I'm not sure how I do these things, really. It's a desk. You sit in it, and it doesn't do anything unexpected - and I fell over in it. Sigh.

Chemistry awaits.

But wait, Hyperbole and a Half has a hilarious new post up about her silly dogs. It has pictures. It is hilarious. Hilariously hilarious.


Melissa said...

I wish math would die! I hate it with such a passion, but some people like it, so I guess killing it would come to no avail! I might have people coming after me for killing it!! Okay, bad idea....

Love the new post Tiph!! You're clumsy too!!! It's so great to find others who are clumsy and knuckle-headed too!! Maybe we should start some "group" that's for clumsy people only and make them pay! We would be rich!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Hey! I love looking through your pictures by the way....I always get more inspired to make mine more artsy and also to look at them differently! You are amazing!!!

Love and miss you like crazy! And have a BRILLIANT Thanksgiving! <3

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