Tuesday, November 16, 2010

queen of fake polaroid

I'm cold.
I shouldn't be cold, because I'm sitting in a building, but apparently everyone at this university thinks students need to be kept chilled at or below 60 F. Like we're fruit that might spoil in the heat or something. Or maybe it's a conspiracy to keep us all as uncomfortable as possible. It isn't working; a guy at the table across from me is asleep on his backpack.

In other, more awesome news, I downloaded a couple of camera apps for my phone, which basically does a bunch of ridiculously awesome vintage shots. Yes, I'll admit it - I have fallen and continue to fall for the awesomeness of the vintage toy camera look. In my defense, the pictures from my phone look kinda bad anyway, so why not just make it awesome by adding warm tones and soft focus? Yeah? Yeah. So, Internet - you might get pictures from me, but they're gonna be cliche and pretty.

You will be glad to know that I followed through (so far) on my own advice and have stayed away from StumbleUpon and other internety ways. I may or may not have fallen asleep at 9 last night, which kinda kept me from being on the computer at all anyway, but hey. It counts. It totally counts.

I woke up to this. Yes, those are my chemistry books. They keep me from feeling lonely on these cold, dark wintry nights. That and I just fell asleep unexpectedly. Books are not good bedmates. They have sharp corners. (That turtle is real.)

I smell the smell of sodium-filled lunches all around me being unwrapped and reheated. I have grapes, goldfish, and an oatmeal creme pie for lunch, so I'm not one to talk.


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