Tuesday, December 21, 2010

11 things

what are eleven things your life doesn't need in 2011? how will you go about eliminating them, and how will getting rid of those things change your life?

  1. clutter. I admit: I'm not the neatest, most organized person in the world. I tend to be caught up in whatever thoughts are running through my head at the time, and I often just set things down, anywhere, and they stay there. On a good day, my room is full of little piles of half-sorted things: textbooks here, books I'm reading there, stack of random papers I'm not really sure what to do with, clothes I need to hang. On a bad day... there are no stacks. It can get pretty bad. I can eliminate clutter by 1) being more mindful of my surroundings (I usually don't even notice that things are messy), 2) having few things - giving away the things I don't use or are in excess, and 3) setting aside a bit of time each day to just clean up. I think it would lead to a better state of mind, since I'm in my room a lot, and the motivation to do other things - it's impossible to paint or be creative on a messy desk, with supplies in unknown locations.
  2. not-natural beauty products. Sounds a bit specific, but I've been slowly trying to weed out the artificial and chemical products from my daily use. So far I've switched face wash and some of my makeup, and I want to continue to basically get rid of everything that isn't natural. This may seem extreme, but I really just don't want the chemicals on my face and body.
  3. unhealthy foods. Goes along with the previous one - and this will be hard. I'm definitely one for cookies, snacks, and processed foods (yum). By choosing healthier options - fruit instead of sweets, water instead of soda, for example - hopefully I can slowly get myself into the habit of eating right.
  4. stress. Don't need it. Most of the stress in my life is my own fault - I'm worried about an assignment because I didn't start it days ago, when I should have. I'm late to a class because I stayed up too long playing games. My actions (or inactions) or thoughtlessness causes familial strife. Those kinds of things, I just need to stop it. Or start it. Which leads me to...
  5. procrastination. Ah, yeah. If there's anything I need less of, it's this. How do I eliminate procrastination? Other than just doing it? Any suggestions?
  6. more craft supplies. :D But, the paper is just so pretty! And look at that drawing pen... I must hold myself back. By just not going into Hobby Lobby!
  7. Stumbleupon. Okay, I won't say I'm going to cut out SU completely, because it's awesome. Just not as much. Maybe I can set myself a time limit of when I can use it, after I finish my stuff for the night. Goodbye, procrastination.

I can't really think of anything else I don't need. So let me finish the list with things I do need.

  1. reflection. More time set aside to reflection and prayer. Often I procrastinate, rush to finish assignments, and go to bed late. No time for meditation. Giving myself time to unwind and reflect will keep me in a better, more peaceful state of mind.
  2. spontaneity. I like doing random things. But sometimes, being busy or tired makes me want to shun anything that deviates from a schedule I have in my head. Things like impromptu air soft wars with my siblings, going out barefoot, dressing like a gypsy, getting a picnic together for lunch one day - I can do that.
  3. creativity. Like reflection, I need to set aside time each week (more realistic than each day, during the school year) to be creative. I miss not letting ideas flow where they will.
  4. cake! Didn't I just say I needed to eat more healthily? Well yeah, but cake... cake is healthy. And I haven't been making homemade cakes in, man, five months? Way too long. Let the cake making continue.

if you read it to the end of this wall of text... good job. You get an imaginary cake.


James said...

I read someone suggesting that procrastination may be cured if you make it a rule that you do 1 hour of work on each new assignment within 24 hours of receiving it.

Cool list. Reflection (on everything) is something I've been considering more recently.
Hard thing about real meditation - it's active & hard, unlike what some think meditation to be (attempting to not think about anything).

Meditation (& lines of thought) is done easier on paper or notepad (write out questions, and attempt to answer them).

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