Friday, December 17, 2010

i wonder.

Yesterday marked the end of my fall semester.
I'm still waiting for some of the final grades to be posted, but it looks like I did as good (or better) than I planned. Apparently, my body actually listened to me a couple of weeks ago. See, right before the third set of midterms, I felt like I was starting to get sick. "Don't get sick, tiph," I said, "because I have these midterms. And after that I have finals. You're not allowed to get sick until after finals. Then you can get sick all you want." I got home from my last final and fell asleep. Today, all I've really wanted to do is sleep (and eat, I'm also exceptionally hungry).

Today, I should have written out my short-term winter-break goals, but I kindasortamaybeplayedBraidalldayinstead. It's an addictive puzzle game I picked up from the Humble Indie Bundle (round two). There's something like three days left for that, so I urge you to support your indie devs and charities. I actually already owned Machinarium and have played through it several times, and I would actually recommend the bundle for that game alone (it's great: beautiful artwork, awesome puzzles), but yeah. I personally wish I could afford to give more (initiatives like these are definitely on my Support List), but hey, give what you can and have fun with the games.

So, I'm still doing Reverb10's month of reflection, though as I mentioned in the first post, it'll be more like a "month-ish of reflection-y posts basically whenever I feel like posting them." My problem is, I get so wordy. Maybe if I start using a really tiny font, it won't look like so much text and no one will care.

Also, I will be skipping a couple of days of reflection on things that I would rather keep in my own private journal. Some things I'm just not going to put online.

how did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year?

In the beginning of the year, I took pictures. I tried to find magic in things I saw and capture that. I sewed and painted and drew things. I visited museums and parks regularly with my siblings. I read good books. Later in the year, I took up mountain biking and yoga. In the fall, when I began a semester at a university, life created wonder for me, and I didn't really have to do much to find it. I met people without trying to, people who became important in my life, did random things and sometimes (once) I dressed up as a gypsy. I think that "cultivating wonder" is one of those things that became habit for me when I was a little girl, taking forever to wash dishes because I was imagining stories in the soap bubbles. Thankfully, I've never quite been able to drop that habit, even though I have tried once or twice (silly me).

Oh, the most recent thing I've done to cultivate wonder? Get a kitten. That's pretty wondrous.


James said...

i just noticed that you centre your blog posts. i've noticed it, but not noticed it, if you know what i mean. :)

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