Monday, December 6, 2010

one word

Starting today, I'm going to participate in Reverb 10's month of reflection over the past year. It's an online initiative and annual event that includes daily writing prompts to get you to think about the past year and set preliminary goals for the new one. It began on December 1st, but I'm going to catch up and/or go over. Check out the site, and leave me a link to your blog if you decide to participate.

one word. Encapsulate 2010 in one word.

Only one? Not even a sentence, a compound, pregnant sentence with semi-colons and an avalanche of commas? No. Okay.


Odd word to pick - I mean, I could have easily chosen joy or contentment or newness.
Google says oriented means "adjusted or located in relation to surroundings or circumstances." Which feels right: my year has been spent orienting and reorienting myself around new circumstances, sometimes huge and life-changing (like at the beginning of the year, when my mom underwent surgery to donate one of her kidneys to my brother Joshua, who had had both of his nonfunctional kidneys removed the month prior). Some things were not so big, like learning how to homeschool two middle-schoolers from my own curriculum and overseeing two other children in elementary school with a preset curriculum. Most recently has been my shift back into school, and getting used to an actual university and all that it implies. Shifting degrees slightly, adding a few more fields of study: I have declared my major in Mechanical Engineering Technology (a mech tech!) and minors in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Business Spanish.
This past summer I relearned how to ride a bike, a few days ago I adopted a kitten we named Tesla.

The past year has felt like a fluid motion of shifting, changing, working with new things and new people and - I think most importantly - staying content throughout. Because life is beautiful.

The second part of the prompt asks what word I would like to capture 2011 if I were to do this a year from now. Probably "stable." As much as I love new and exciting things (and this next semester will likely prove to be both really exciting and super busy), I'd like everything to maintain a certain level of stability, to know - at least in the limited way that life allows - what to expect. How much do I really believe that 2011 will be stable? Not much at all.

And here's a picture of Tesla.

Admit it, he's way adorable.


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