Tuesday, August 31, 2010

so that's where you've been

It's been a while. It feels like it's been even longer because this past week has been completely insane. Why, might you ask? Because this week was the first week of classes, very important classes like Calculus and chemistry and Physics. (Please take note that while Calculus and Physics are capitalized, chemistry is not. This is because chemistry isn't important, and the other too are. As a matter of fact, chemistry is stupid and not fun at all. Just sayin'.)

Right now I'm sitting outside the main part of the campus, looking around while typing these very words. I have a huge list of things that need to be done within the next two days, along with a very, very ugly picture. The list is boring and you can't see the picture.

My schedule is busy and interesting and this silly bee won't leave me alone.

I feel like I'm moving into that part of life that is really hard to blog about. I mean, I can talk about natural logarithms and how I always mix up tangents and secants, or I could talk about the strange sights I see while sitting on a sidewalk bench, or I could even tell you about how the university's wireless network is unreliable and I wore rainboots today. But I can only tell all of that once, and then it's back to the small things that I find super interesting but are hard to relate. You know.

So if my blogging because scarcely more than nonexistent, please remember that I am taking 18 hours of coursework this semester and the number of Calculus assignments is beyond ridiculous.

My poor, poor camera. She feels so abandoned.
Even my journal has been left blank as of late. No time, and no news. Nothing I can quantify. There will be more, though. Well, maybe not more time, but I'm assuming that life will bring new things. For now, physics calls!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

i am the girl without hands

My sister and I have this saying we use whenever things aren't looking too hot and life could clearly be going a little better: "It all works out when you get your hands chopped off."

We've derived this line from the Grimm's fairy tale of The Girl Without Hands. (It's not very long - you should read it.) In the story, the girl of the title gets her hands chopped off by her father, and a long string of alternate good and bad fortune befall her until, finally, it all works out. We don't do with cliched phrases around here. We make up our own.

Wednesday night, my family and I trekked up to San Antonio to go on our last summer vacation before school starts up again. That night, I realized that I had forgotten my phone charger (me: let's go baaaaaaack). Never to fear, though, because Thursday, while partaking of Fun and Amusement at an amusement park, my wallet and phone was quietly stolen from our vehicle.

It solved the problem of not being able to charge my phone quite nicely.

My wallet contained my drivers license, my student ID, a Starbucks gift card, and a credit card. Oh, and school starts Monday. No drivers license and no student ID on the first day of school? Awesome. Most upsetting - except for the loss of my phone, I mean - was the loss of the wallet itself, a vintage, purple-and-white checkered Vans number that used to be my mom's.

Dear Thieves:
You may keep my Starbucks gift card. You may sell my phone. You may have both of my IDs and my credit card, even though they are useless to you now and just an inconvenience for me. But please? Could I have my wallet back?


Fast forward a few days, and it's Saturday. I won't get my phone before Monday evening and I get to wait in line at the DMV for an indefinite period of time to get my license again.
But I have insurance on my (now gone) phone and I was running out of space anyway. I bought a freakishly cool, retro wallet AND the thieves were nice enough to not steal my purse (I like my purse). Shopping for a wallet at Whole Earth Provisions also earned me a hat. I don't know what kind of hat, but it is a hat. Generally speaking, one wears it on one's head.

And regardless of whether or not my stuff was stolen, university starts this Monday (so stoked) and my computer is still in my possession. The truck wasn't harmed in any way in the taking of this wallet and I have a really cool shirt to wear Monday. See? It all works out when you get your hands chopped off.

P.S. Apologies to those of you whose grammatical sensibilities have been offended by my slang on this post. Generally speaking, I try to keep my slang to a minimum bordering on the "a little much" side, and my words as nationally neutral as possible, but I did no such thing on this post. That's just what happens when you spend four days in San Antonio. (Not really.)

Monday, August 16, 2010

gibberish, maps, and the french.

A couple of people took the bait from last post and commented.

One such comment, from a certain James, says,

"ror sen pude sonehat raridatoso wipec meyuni vat mam vetel tira webe datag soneke widoh sesecat tetuceter detirewad dal fedirefo dalel soder hel cadifas mar tuwerom raveye seseto wesen tew sanurum noda yetadeyofe kerafer rihe sarew hirawahete secono mibu"

Well, James, I tend to agree with the general sentiment, but I certainly can't commend you on your grammar or punctuation.

Someone Else says,

"Ah, that was refreshing."

But was it a frozen-lemonade refreshing, or a I-just-remembered-something refreshing? All these questions!

After spending much of the day with an awesome friend, I am now memorizing the bus routes that go throughout my university. By "memorizing" I mean "becoming frustrated at the lack of map-making skill of these bus route map-makers." I figure that if I want to go somewhere on campus, I can 1) walk, or 2) find a shuttle station and wait for a bus to come. The buses all go in circles anyway. When I was a kid, maps were drawn to scale. Hmph.

Tomorrow is a Wake Up Early For Fun day, so that means tonight is a Go To Sleep Before Midnight day. Ridiculous? I know! But it's true. With my parking permit purchased and all business concluded, I bid thee adieu.

Unless you don't like the French, and then just bye, okay.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

what's the opposite of an infomercial?

Dear Sharpies,

Would you like an explanation as to why I have not posted in exactly 14 days?
Would you like proof that I have done something productive with my life recently?
Are you dying of Photo Starvation?
Is your brain withering from lack of Tiph Sarcasm?
Are we finished asking questions yet?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, have I got a product for you! Act now to receive a free (FREE!) blog post from tiph of Sharpie Chronicles! Simply write intelligible nonsense in the comment box below, hit submit, and you will get your very own Sharpie Chronicles blogpost*!

But hurry, this offer will only last for the next ten days!
As an added bonus, tiph will even post a sketchbook page (just pay shipping & handling!)

* Blog posts not available in all states. Void where prohibited. Limit one blog post per day. No comment necessary to be receive a blog post. Commenting does not increase your chances of receiving a blog post. Retail value of blog post: $0.00. Chances of receiving blog post: one in five kabillion.

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