Thursday, March 17, 2011

not interesting vs interesting

I'm leaving for a three-day excursion to Oklahoma tomorrow morning (in about four hours, actually). Liss over at Daydream Lily (a much cooler blogger than I, for certain), is going on a trip as well, though not to Oklahoma. Her packing post inspired me to do one of my own - especially since I haven't posted in ages.

Firstly, let me introduce to you my most recent piece of clothing DIY. I'd like to boast that it concerns sewing and immense creativity, but honestly, all I did was take two pairs: a pair of scissors to a pair of socks. I had these giant-footed, super-tall socks, see, and I didn't know what to do with them. They looked silly because my feet were way too small for them, and I'm too short and/or don't wear short enough skirts to make it not look like thick, awkward leggings.

So I snipped off the feet.

You can see the feet in the background (and ignore the cords and mess by my desk). And there you go, improv leg warmers. I am, after all, an 80s child.

You don't need a description of this. Just know that the blue hat is completely unnecessary and completely awesome.

This photo is more interesting because it isn't about clothes. Kindle (funny thing about the screensaver is that I just got Mark Twain's autobiography to read on the trip), my notebook, math homework (ick), scientific calculator (for physics homework, hiding beneath the math), great green sweater, my mom's ipod, and pen-pencil-eraser-usb-chapstick-shuffle.

Not shown: about three billion cords.

I come back on a plane.
The end.


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